The EGVGA convention and European Championship Weigh Off in Ludwigsburg is over.

Traditionally this is also the starting shot for membership registration for next season.

Before you sign up (again) please let us point out:

  • Your membership fee is in first place for being part of the contests.
  • The board tries to support newsletters, growers exchange and seed exchange packages.
  • The EGVGA is not able to provide phyto sanitary certificates.
  • The EGVGA is not able to guarantee arrival of seed packages.
  • The EGVGA will not reimburse or refund lost or confiscated seed packages.

Click here and read more information on how to become an EGVGA member.



Please confirm that all results are meeting our weighing and measuring rules and have been sent to us as soon as possible after the weigh of or at least until October 31st.

Keep in mind that we are looking for your best fruits seeds, for the EGVGA membership seed packages, auctions and last but not least Seeds Of The Year.



We have sent Newsletters to our 2021st members.

If you haven´t got, please check your SPAM folder first.

If they are not there, check if you paid 2021st membership fee, second.

Then email to our treasurer, so he could correct / renew / substitue / add your valid email adress to our list.




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Top 3 European Championship weigh off Ludwigsburg




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