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Limit of memberships with seeds pack has been reached. You can still become a member and take part in our challenges, but no more seeds packs are available. So if you register after January 28th, 2023, you will not receive a seeds pack.

Before you sign up (again) please let us point out:

  • Your membership fee is in first place for being part of the contests.
  • The board tries to support newsletters, growers exchange and seed exchange packages.
  • The EGVGA is not able to provide phyto sanitary certificates.
  • The EGVGA is not able to guarantee arrival of seed packages.
  • The EGVGA will not reimburse or refund lost or confiscated seed packages

Please notice: We are sorry that - due to customs restrictions - we are not able to send any seed packages for example to the USA, Australia, New Zealand. Please check your country's restrictons, if you want a seed package. We don't want you or us to be in trouble with your customs.

Memberships received after May 1st, cannot compete for EGVGA prizes.

The membership dues for 2023 are 20 euros.

European Community members can make a bank transfer using the information below.

We cannot accept checks. Costs for clearing them is usually more than 20 Euros.

Please do not send cash.

If you want to become a member by using paypal it is 21 euros (please select the right currency using paypal).

New members please remember to add your name, home address and email address when making your payment!
Changes of name, home address and email address please email to

Bank information for Euro transfers:

Jan Molter - EGVGA
Tannenweg 2

66540 Neukirchen

IMPORTANT: Please use "SEPA"-transfer for your payment!

IBAN: DE88 590 920 00 86 0480 0200

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